Written sources on bashofu

On this page you can find papers and articles that are available on the Internet, related to bashofu in the Ryukyu Archipelago of Japan, written in non-Japanese languages. They are listed according to their recentness.

MONTUORI, Francesco. MA thesis in History, Leiden University, the Netherlands. Academic year 2018-2019. Focusing on Kijōka-bashōfu and Bingata textiles.

Parry-Williams, T (2016) 'Bashofu: the traditional banana-fibre textile culture of Okinawa.' Selvedge, 70. pp. 60-63. ISSN 1742-254X. (To view this article, please click the Download or Preview botton)

Hendrickx, Katrien. Publication of her PhD thesis, University of Leuven, Belgium, defended in March 2006.

Hendrickx, Katrien. PhD thesis in Japanese Studies. (abstract in Dutch), Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. March 2006.