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This is a research on natural fibers, conducted by Dr. Yoko Nomura, Science and Technology Associate, Science and Technology Group in OIST. They use fibers used in the research for the Kariyushi wear (prototype) project.

The Encyclopedia of Crafts in Asia Pacific Region (APR)

Living National Treasure Toshiko Taira's profile & awards

by Gallery Japan

Post of 2014, May 1, from 'So-meru', blog by Australian textile artist Melinda Heal.

Google Arts & Culture (by Kyoto Women's University, Lifestyle Design Laboratory)

KOGEI JAPAN (Traditional Crafts of Japan)

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Wikipedia (The Free Encyclopedia).

About an Okinawan female weaver of Kijōka-bashōfu, designated Living National Treasure of Japan in 2000. Born February 14, 1921, she still lives and works today (Feb. 2022).

Ogimi Village Planning Tourism Division.

Okinawa Island Guide

Post of February 4, 2016. Bashofu made by the female weaver Akiko Ishigaki on Iriomote Island in Yaeyama, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.